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  • EHEA3182-xqu97gfb_
    * Kabel dvojlinka SCY (TLYp) 2x4 mm2 do 50V .
    * Kabel používaný ke spojení mezi zesilovači a reproduktory s kroucenými žílami z měkkých měděných drátů, velmi ohebný s izolací z průhledného (transparentního) PVC s červeným podélným pruhem.
    * Doporučená pracovní teplota do 70°C
    * Balení: cívka 100m
    * Cena za 1m
    43 Kč
  • Sleva
    Schneider Electric Sedna Design & Elements RJ45 6 data socket SDD114462 in color is a mechanism with fixing frame for data communication with 2 socket outlets. Its connection terminals are crimp terminals. Its matching mounting box can be recessed into the surface of the wall with flush type. The device's fixing mode is claws, screws. The data socket is made of thermoplastic ABS-UV stabilised, making it as resistant as possible. The surface finish is glossy, which ensures a bright, even an inviting finish. It is 73 mm in width, 73 mm in height, 37 mm in depth, whose projecting depth is 13 mm. This data socket is SVHC (substances of very high concern) free too. Besides, the IP rating of this device is IP20. As a green premium product, this device is environmentally friendly as well. And it is mercury free as well as heavy metal free, taking care of the environment and your health all the time. Sedna Design and Elements is a premium range, with products that come in a variety of contemporary colors. Its textures bring the look and feel of wood, stone, metal, and glass into your customers homes. With Wiser, the new Sedna range is also a simple smart home solution that responds to your customers needs and lifestyles.
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